Why change in names? Our top Numerologists in Chennai say …

Many times, our top numerologists in Chennai have had requests from clients to change their names. When we probed for reasons for such requests, explanations from clients have been about how they expect life to change after doing a correction in name through numerology.

Most of these clients come back to us, happy with the results they have seen and ask for more services.

Let me throw some light on why clients approach us with such requests.

We have discussed in our earlier blogs the mystery and the secret connection between the universe, the planets and the numbers and their combinations. Let us not ignore the astrological aspects connected with numerology. Ideally, there should be harmony between the numbers that govern our life – the Birth number, Fate Number, Name number and the compound numbers of Name and Fate.

There are at time discord between name number and fate number/ birth number of an individual and hence the disharmony is reflected. The numbers need to support each other for the individual to reap benefits.

What one must note is that not much can be done if birth number and talents numbers do not support each other. They are fixed and cannot be changed. What can be changed is the name number to bring balance.

Now, changing the name number should be done carefully. The competence of the numerologist is important here. And the competence here lies in the knowledge, wisdom and experience of the numerologist.

The right name number can change the course of your life and we shall discuss this in details at a later time. Our famous numerologists in Chennai will give you insights as to how to go about this.