Naming and its Significance – From our top numerologist in Chennai

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Vibrations thrown out by the name numbers, if not harmonious with the birth number and the fate number may throw the native off track, many times. The names are divided in to two. The first name ie the active name and the passive name which we call as surname.

When both the active name and the family name are powerful then combinations of the name that are suitable to the birth number are looked at, so that the numbers support each other.  Once the correct name combination/vibration is arrived at, this will help improve the personality of the individual.

There are both mental vibrations and material vibrations to a name. Our top numerologists believe this shows the complete personality of the individual.

Similarly, at Vedic Astrology Foundation, we identify names for businesses, names for house and buildings. An appropriate name can bring a positive windfall of changes to the individual.

The meaning of different numbers arrived at by this method is as under  :

1 – One indicates intellectual capacity and hence is associated with education, learning, teaching and training.

2 – Capable of creating and practicing ones own routine and hence can be associated with businesses

3 – A number that indicates peace and harmony and hence naturally of a behavior that will bring in those qualities.

4 –  secretive by nature, and fair and justified in ones own interests

5 – Tolerant and hence exhibiting camaraderie suitable for missionary services and religious services.

6 –  Indicates need for companionship, and hence will be more successful in marriages and friendship.

7 –  Strong desire for liberty and freedom of thought and action, maintaining personal independence.

8 – At times ambitious, practical and at other times depressed and unhappy temporarily.

9 –   Advanced thoughts and hence can guide groups to carry out projects.

Our numerologists in Chennai are accessible and will assist you in your naming process.


Mysticism of Numbers – more from our best numerologist in Chennai – 8

Number 71 – A number which is suitable to achieve worldly means, closely related to number 8. It indicates the availability of money and resources which must be used discreetly and wisely to achieve success.

Number 72 – The constructive power of number 9 influences this number and indicates gains and auspicious results.

Number 73 – This number indicates that the person will earn money with wisdom and intellect but the results may not be long lasting. 10 is a friendly number to 73.

Number 74 – Favourable number for speculation, lottery and partnership and shares. A number which indicates gain of money without efforts.

Number 75 – Denotes rise in fortune by one’s own efforts and success.

Number 76 – A strange number that denotes gain of money through court cases. There is chances of acquiring money through wrongful means.

Number 77 – Indicates inheritance, money coming through secretive methods and hence the need to be cautious.

Number 78 – Luck brightens through one’s own efforts and will lead to success and wealth gain.

That ends the series on number mysticism.