Pyramid numbers

Numerologists predict answers to questions asked by clients using pyramid numbers.

There are certain rules that govern Pyramid Numbers

  1. The questions can be only in English
  2. If in other languages, the questions should be translated to English
  3. The question should be genuine
  4. Should be asked with faith and devotion
  5. Clear and not ambiguous
  6. To the point and not to test the foretellers knowledge
  7. The question should pertain to a problem that is immediate and not pertaining to a permanent situation in life
  8. Questions should not be multifaceted

It should be kept in mind to pay due respects to the Numerologists , and offer him remuneration as well.

If the answers to your questions is the same as your Molaank, you may expect success. Some people consider odd numbers to be auspicious, but those do not apply to Numerology.

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