Number 12 – There will be periods of ups and downs but your originality can guide you better in making decisions. Your income will be from vocational activities and speculation. But one has to be aware of the risks involved while speculating. With co operation and understanding there can be more gains.

Number 13 – There is an inherent urge to spend and at times this may lead to difficulties. But there is a capacity to earn and money matters are favourable for you. Tendency to take risks is there and this may not be beneficial if you are looking at making money quickly. Consistent efforts in the right direction will give you good results.

Number 14 – Your work and personal interests may be linked with money, with a great deal of trust places on your integrity and honesty.  You have an ability to weigh up risks. If you gain from taking risks you may use the money to strengthen your financial position. Benefits can be derived from music painting and other activities like entertainment.

Number 15 – You will have firm and practical ideas and proper planning and courage to carry out these ideas. Hence beware of people who might use your ideas to grow. Accepting authoritative, responsible position will aid financial side of life and due to thrift you may build up substantial reserves. You forethought will help you most times.

Number 16 – Not an easy number to save money. Much will depend on your partners capability to save money.  A practical partner will save you.

Number 17 – You can have a main source of income as well as an auxiliary source for extra money. Fluctuations in income and expenditure will be there.  Beware of signing financial agreements.

Number 18  – You want to attract money, and your advices in money matters will be of value. Benefit will come through property and inheritance. Squabbles and fights can personal loss.

Number 19 – Ambitious about money, you prefer a large income. Your power to organize financial matters will help you, but at times extravagant inclinations will have to be restrained.

Number 20 – You have a personal ability to acquire money. You will benefit from inheritance and legacy. Be constructive while planning finances and you will benefit.

Number 21 – You will get support of influential people. You will have a flair for speculation and investment.

Number 22 –   There will be seasonal fluctuations  which can react  on your work or your business. You have a good sense of value of money. Be careful of health as ill health can cause loss of money also.

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