What is the scope of Numerology ?

Depending on the ruling number of each person, numerology can quickly show us the beneficial years of their lives. It tells us the ages that would turn auspicious for us, in our lifetime. Numerology recommends remedies and our expert numerologists at Chennai, are good at that.

Favorable numbers would indicate the transit of favorable planets in different houses. Numerology inidicates favorable days to start business or any other significant work.

Auspicious, ominous dates to start friendships and partnerships are looked at. Similarly, we get to know the numbers favorable to us, to enable us to choose the right marriage partners, business partners and friends.

Our top numerologists in Chennai will help you with the favorable colors for each number to ensure favorable results in your endeavours. For example, your business Logo and premises can be of the color that is favorable to your lucky numbers to yield good results.

A little bit of Vastu is included in numerology predictions. General inputs on directions for residences and workplaces are indicated for each birth number and lucky number.

For those of you who own vehicles, knowing their lucky numbers will prove useful.

Since, there is a connection between planets and birth numbers remedial measures can be suggested through numerology. So does this science, enable us to know the favorable gemstones to wear.

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 Explaining Planetary Conjunctions

In Numerology, combination of numbers help the numerologists predict the future of individuals. The relation ship between planets define destiny. Two or three adjoining numbers form a conjunction and this can be good or bad for the individual. This is called Diagonal Conjunction.

Here are the explanations for some of the conjunctions

Sun Jupiter Conjunction – Gives Intellect, education, fame and honour. These Individuals will be good astrologers.

Sun Mars Conjunction – The native will usually be some high-ranking personnel in Armed forces or civil service. He can be head of an instituition.

Jupiter Venus Conjuction – This conjunction bestows higher education, makes the person ethical and he/she will be lucky

Sun Moon Conjuction – Sun is the soul and Moon is the mind – Sun is cruel and Moon is mild and hence a contradiction in nature and fate may be the result

Mars-Mercury Conjunction – This gives high imaginative power and writing and speaking skills. They are art lover and travel a lot too.

There are quite a few such combinations which the Numerologists would be able to define. Some of these conjunctions point to the making of saints, while others point to the qualities /discredits.

Similarly, for opposition between planets and retro aspects, each planetary combination will have attributes / effects attached to it. Our expert numerologists in Chennai are able to decipher these combinations and explain it in detail.


Pyramid numbers

Numerologists predict answers to questions asked by clients using pyramid numbers.

There are certain rules that govern Pyramid Numbers

  1. The questions can be only in English
  2. If in other languages, the questions should be translated to English
  3. The question should be genuine
  4. Should be asked with faith and devotion
  5. Clear and not ambiguous
  6. To the point and not to test the foretellers knowledge
  7. The question should pertain to a problem that is immediate and not pertaining to a permanent situation in life
  8. Questions should not be multifaceted

It should be kept in mind to pay due respects to the Numerologists , and offer him remuneration as well.

If the answers to your questions is the same as your Molaank, you may expect success. Some people consider odd numbers to be auspicious, but those do not apply to Numerology.


Lottery Tickets and Horse Races- Does Numerology assist in Gambling?

Numerology assists you in winning horse race and lotteries. Now, isn’t that good news ? People try their luck by buying lotteries and participating in horse races, though the second one is not very popular in India.

Here are general rules that are applicable

  1. Select the name of the Lottery you would want to buy. Keep in mind that your Moolank matches the number
  2. One must to look at the ticket series numbers that correspond to your Moolank
  3. Next is the day on which you purchase tickets – moolank plays a role here also
  4. So does month and year
  5. Identify an auspicious time and offer prayers

All the best !

I would like to mention here that personally, our expert numerologists in Chennai is against gambling and speculation. So we may not be of much help to such seekers of luck in speculation and gambling.


Chart Making

We shall now seek some details from our top numerologist in Chennai about making numerical charts in Vedic System to make predictions. All the numbers in the date of birth are incorporated to understand the yogas. If the combinations are found to be harmonious/supportive then the yogas are considered good. When their period manifests it will result in a boom in that area of life.

Let us see the number assigned to each Lord

1 =  (+) Sun

2=  (-) Moon

3=  Jupiter

4=  (-) Sun

5=  Mercury

6=  Venus

7=  (+)Moon

8=  Saturn

9=  Mars

These are then placed in a 3*3 grid in the below order

Jupiter(3)            Sun(1)                   Mars(9)

Venus (6)             Moon(7)              Mercury(5)

(-) Moon (2)        Saturn(8)             (-) Sun (4)

The lay out of the numbers in these grids will tell us more about the spiritual, Emotional and Physical planes of the individual.