Explaining Planetary Conjunctions

In Numerology, combination of numbers help the numerologists predict the future of individuals. The relation ship between planets define destiny. Two or three adjoining numbers form a conjunction and this can be good or bad for the individual. This is called Diagonal Conjunction.

Here are the explanations for some of the conjunctions

Sun Jupiter Conjunction – Gives Intellect, education, fame and honour. These Individuals will be good astrologers.

Sun Mars Conjunction – The native will usually be some high-ranking personnel in Armed forces or civil service. He can be head of an instituition.

Jupiter Venus Conjuction – This conjunction bestows higher education, makes the person ethical and he/she will be lucky

Sun Moon Conjuction – Sun is the soul and Moon is the mind – Sun is cruel and Moon is mild and hence a contradiction in nature and fate may be the result

Mars-Mercury Conjunction – This gives high imaginative power and writing and speaking skills. They are art lover and travel a lot too.

There are quite a few such combinations which the Numerologists would be able to define. Some of these conjunctions point to the making of saints, while others point to the qualities /discredits.

Similarly, for opposition between planets and retro aspects, each planetary combination will have attributes / effects attached to it. Our expert numerologists in Chennai are able to decipher these combinations and explain it in detail.

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