Lottery Tickets and Horse Races- Does Numerology assist in Gambling?

Numerology assists you in winning horse race and lotteries. Now, isn’t that good news ? People try their luck by buying lotteries and participating in horse races, though the second one is not very popular in India.

Here are general rules that are applicable

  1. Select the name of the Lottery you would want to buy. Keep in mind that your Moolank matches the number
  2. One must to look at the ticket series numbers that correspond to your Moolank
  3. Next is the day on which you purchase tickets – moolank plays a role here also
  4. So does month and year
  5. Identify an auspicious time and offer prayers

All the best !

I would like to mention here that personally, our expert numerologists in Chennai is against gambling and speculation. So we may not be of much help to such seekers of luck in speculation and gambling.

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