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Whether we use Vedic numerology or western numerology, the effect of numbers on our lives is undeniable and one could observe this for prolonged time periods to validate the claims of knowledgeable seers and others in the field.

Numbers reveal personalities and potentials of individuals, but one is advised to incorporate reasonable amount of common sense in the interpretations. We at Vedic Astrology Foundation will now explain how name numbers are arrived at and their interpretations.

Vedic Letter – Number Assignments

A=1   B=2  C=3  D=4  E=5

F=8   G=3  H=5   I=1   J=1

K=2   L=3   M=4  N=5 O=7

P=9   Q=1  R=2   S=3   T=4

U=6   V=6  W=6  X=5  Y=1


All one must do is write their names and assign numbers to each of the letter in the name as per chart.  Once you have done that, see if the number is a multiple digit one and then reduce it again to arrive at a name number

Eg: If the multiple digit number after counting all the numbers is 200 then 2+0+0 =2 is the name number

Each number arrived at in the Vedic name number is  assigned a meaning or a characteristic as per numerology. Let’s us see what those are.

1 – The Pioneer

2 – The Philosopher

3 – The Innovator

4 – The Engineer

5 – The Negotiator

6 – The Pacifier

7 – The Educator

8 – The Entrepreneur

9 – The Philanthropist

Meaning of each name number as described by the expert numerologists in Chennai

  1. Pioneer- Dynamic and radiant, both in social settings and at work but at times inflexible. Best suited for leadership roles and management roles no 1 people according to numerologists are authoritative and pioneers in their own fields.
  2. The Philosopher – Number 2 people has a unique way of seeing the world and situations and hence are quite perceptive. These people work best in teams and is not hasty in decision making. They make good councilors and advisers.
  3. The Innovator – Very intelligent, quick to learn and retain information, number 3 people are the life of a party and adapt well to diverse cultures. Versatile and creative these people can do well in fields such as arts, sports and sciences. They tend to be impatient with others.
  4. The Engineer – Good at building things from start to finish, no 4 is in control, and a good planner and organiser. Honest, reliable and supportive these people are best suited for construction, research, computer sciences and land development.
  5. The Negotiator – our expert numerologists in Chennai feels that, the negotiator, with an enthusiasm that is contagious, will put others at ease and communicates very well. People with high energy, jovial and clever you are good at learning foreign languages and will have plenty of friends.
  6. The Pacifier – Friendship and harmony is identified with no 6 people. You look after others and ensure their comforts and hence make very good homemakers. Some other fitting careers are judge, politician and law enforcement agency.
  7. The Educator – Scholarly and poetic by nature these people love books. They love solving mysteries with their curious and intelligent minds. They would do well in research, music composing, spirituality.
  8. The Entrepreneur – As the description indicates, no 8 people are tenacious and strong willfully taking challenges and resolving them, our numerologists in Anna Nagar vouch. A loyal friend to people who like them and a ruthless enemy to adversaries they do well in politics, military, finance, business and stock market investments.
  9. The philanthropist – these people do not tolerate injustice and are noble by nature. Very charismatic, they do well as activists, councilors, public speaker s and they live by their principles of duty and integrity.

The Chaldean System of Numerology

Vedic Astrology Foundation, Chennai follows the Chaldean system of numerology which is closely related to astrology and we do name numerology consultation in Chennai as well as business numerology consultation.

Let me give you some information on the Chaldean system of numerology that we use.

In the Chaldean system, number 9 is believed to represent God and hence no alphabet is assigned to number 9.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

Chaldean numerology is older of the 3 systems and is considered Mystic Numerology. This system is more accurate with more occult and metaphysical connection, pointing to the hidden forces and strings of one’s destiny.

According to Chaldean system, the single numbers of the name number represent the outward appearance of a person, while the compound numbers or double numbers represents the deeper metaphysical or hidden influences and forces behind the name. The date of birth, as per Chaldean system, is a constant and since it cannot be changed even if the person goes through marriage or even adoption, is of most significance.

We, being the number 1 numerologist in Chennai shall discuss the significance of birth dates and the characteristics of persons born under each date and number later.

The numbers themselves have a personality and certain numbers compliment others and the right combinations enhance and support each other. Every human characteristic is represented by numbers, and these human qualities are as per our DNA. Predictions can be done by looking at the shape of the number, symbol it represents, the mathematical significance and the what it signifies in numerology.

The planets assigned to each number as per Vedic Astrology Foundation is as below and we being quite famous name numerologists,  does consider this aspect while making our predictions. The planets and numbers associated with them are as follows.

1-Sun; 2-Moon; 3-Jupiter; 4-Uranus/ Rahu; 5-Mercury; 6-Venus; 7-Neptune; 8-Saturn; and 9- Mars. Number 0 is not attached to any planet.

Do continue to watch out for more on numerology from the famous numerologist in Chennai. We will see you again tomorrow.


More on Numerology and the mysticism of Numbers

Vedic Astrology Foundation, Chennai is a leading numerologist providing numerology analysis and recommendations that provides you guidelines to understand personalities, strengths and talents, emotional reactions and inner needs and ways to deal with others.

Being the No. 1 numerologist in Chennai, we at Vedic Astrology Foundation, follow the Chaldean system of numerology, which has close ties to Vedic Astrology in India and the Kabbalah, having its origins in Mesopotamia.

The Chaldean system does not assign any alphabet to the number 9 keeping it sacred and unique. As per Chaldean system, the single digits reveal the outer nature of a person while the double digits reveal the inner nature and qualities.

Numerology as a tool for divination, has undying popularity and understanding the numbers the right way guides us – to choose a career best suited to each one of us in line with our talents, compatible partners and even control our own lives. The trick is to combine common sense into the interpretations. The date of birth and names of an individual is connected to the inner being which otherwise, only an intuitive mind can perceive.

The symbols of each number represent their natures. They represent qualities that we posses, like sensitivity, feminity, gentleness etc. The numbers represent nine stages of human development that we pass through to complete our growth and maturity.

The occult significance of numbers becomes evident in fortune telling and few have realised the importance the numbers play in such activity. For example, the significance of zero (shunya and bindu) and its linkage to the immense void in the universe is understood only by a few. Planets are linked to numbers and each planet in our Solar System, is assigned a number.  Those who dismiss the innate connection between numbers, the universe and the planets should think about how oceans swell and subside with the increase and decrease in the size of the moon. And this happens because the earth consists of two thirds water, and so does human body. Therefore, we do feel the influence of the moon in our behaviour and day to day life.

According to belief, numbers originated and was used by Hindus who acquired it from God. The Arabs used the numerical system more for trading thus bringing it the publicity and acceptance across cultures of the world. Pythogorus, the Greek philosopher is believed to have used numerology for spiritual purposes. During the Renaissance period numerology was taught in the universities and served as sciences.

At Vedic astrology foundation, Chennai we believe that numbers do carry the secrets to an individual’s personality and destiny. We encourage our clients to speak to us and clarify their queries and hence we have emerged as the leading numerologists in Chennai.


Introduction to Numerology

As a leading Numerologist in Chennai, we at Vedic Astrology Foundation, know that a lot of time in our lives, we spend on questions that we do not find answers to, and this includes behaviour of others, our own future, and at times mystical thoughts which lead along an eternal fact-finding ride with unique learning experiences. Some quests end in destinations far away and in the current hi-tech pace of life, leading a life of spiritual quest is impossible. Numerology helps us demystify some of the mysteries of human nature and earth.

Man, is divided in 4 priniciples namely Spirit, mind, soul and body corresponding to 4 elements – fire, air, water and earth. These elements correspond to various symbols, colors and numbers. To unravel the mysteries that surround us, it important that we understand Self and its power in relation to Nature. Our soul and destiny are revealed in numbers that predict our future.

In India, numbers have a spiritual significance. Numerology authenticates this belief that everything in the universe vibrates at a frequency of its own. Thus, each number has its own vibrational quality and force. The forces of the universe can be defined and communicated through the language of numbers. Numbers were used by clairvoyants and seers of ancient times to make startling predictions and to understand existing phenomena’s.

Numerology as a penetrating tool, is used to understand personality of oneself and others. Identifying the vibrational quality of the number associated with you, helps reveal the qualities, talents and energies associated with it. Thus, using the birthdate and the name of a person, major frequencies of the person can be identified.

For the intuitive kinds, amongst us, understanding individuals and interpreting their behavior patterns is easy. For others, understanding numerology and numbers associated to each helps in having a n insight to a person’s personality, strength, talent, inner needs and emotional thoughts.

Numerology was in use in India, China, Egypt, Rome and Greece and has found mention in ancient books of wisdom in Hebrew. The most commonly used systems were developed by the Chaldeans, the Hindus, Mayans, Hebrews and Pythagorus. Today we use 3 major forms of Numerology – Kabbalic, Chaldean and Pythagorean.

At Vedic Astrology Foundation, Chennai we use the Chaldean system of Numerology to provide detailed analysis to business and individuals. We are so far, leading numerologists in Chennai and Dubai providing astrology and numerology analysis and consultation.