Chart Making

We shall now seek some details from our top numerologist in Chennai about making numerical charts in Vedic System to make predictions. All the numbers in the date of birth are incorporated to understand the yogas. If the combinations are found to be harmonious/supportive then the yogas are considered good. When their period manifests it will result in a boom in that area of life.

Let us see the number assigned to each Lord

1 =  (+) Sun

2=  (-) Moon

3=  Jupiter

4=  (-) Sun

5=  Mercury

6=  Venus

7=  (+)Moon

8=  Saturn

9=  Mars

These are then placed in a 3*3 grid in the below order

Jupiter(3)            Sun(1)                   Mars(9)

Venus (6)             Moon(7)              Mercury(5)

(-) Moon (2)        Saturn(8)             (-) Sun (4)

The lay out of the numbers in these grids will tell us more about the spiritual, Emotional and Physical planes of the individual.