Fate number – Some Insights from our top numerologists in Chennai…contd…

FATE NUMBER 6 – This number gets involved with the  members of opposite sex without intending to do so. They find suitable partners if married early enough. They are good story tellers and conversationalists and are independent and hardworking. They are interested in alchemy and tantra. They are generous in entertaining friends and likes fine jewellery, dresses, perfumes etc. and are glamorous and remain youthful even in their old age.

FATE NUMBER 7 – Fate number 7 helps natives enhance the qualities of the birth number. The natives are brilliant and practical and influenced by Ketu, are spiritual masters, peacemakers and is non-discriminating. Their adversaries may accept their advice due to these qualities. They have peaceful vibrations and hence excel in problem solving. These natives are capable of deep meditation, siddhis, clairvoyance etc. These natives will read other people’s mind clearly like a book. Day dreaming is their favourite pastime and they try to learn from the special dreams they see. Highly sociable, the women are attached to their mother and other women in the family and flirt with the members of opposite sex. Men born under this fate number should marry after 28 years of age.

FATE NUMBER 8 – No 8 has an unpredictable life, but they excel under the most unfavourable conditions. They have immense wisdom acquired from the difficulties they face. They achieve high positions at work. They have philosophical ideas due to their insecurities but love solitude. They are destined to make a mark on history either by their good karmas or by their bad karmas. The men with fate number 8 find no time for amusement and hence they work towards success on a grand scale. Enemies must be watchful of this number as the natives can get dangerous.

FATE NUMBER 9 – These natives are governed by their birth numbers and hence should look at their name number to choose a harmonious number. They develop spiritually and mentally through life experiences. Fate number 9 natives will have noble qualities and becomes successful in their chosen field. They feel the oneness with all living beings and can recognize truth. They are interested in ecology, music, chanting, fine arts and healing arts.

This completes our expert numerologists’ insights on talent number or fate number. Do come back and read our next blog which will be up soon.


Fate number – Some Insights from our top numerologists in Chennai

At Vedic Astrology Foundation, our numerologists have their interpretations ready for you. As per numerology  the  day,  month   and  year   of birth together is added and their  numerical values  together will make a compound  Number and  thereafter  a  single  digit  Talent Number. This number is called Fate Number.

FATE NUMBER 1 –  Endowed with a strong mind and body, people with talent number 1 will work hard to achieve prominence in life. Consciously and unconsciously, they achieve prominence and will be leaders in their circle. You would remember the significance of number one, being associated with Sun and the characteristics associated with them. They are spiritually inclined and will become teachers or heads of spiritual organisations. But, being materialistic, you do not see many spiritual leaders in this fate number. They are idealists encourages young people to become leaders and encourage their colleagues. Natives with fate number 1 will rise unobstructed in material field. Women are usually mother and are strong and hold important positions in organisations due to their inherent qualities of being bold and regal. Men, born with this fate number are original, scholarly and popular hold highest positions in their area of work. They do work for upliftment of the poor and other welfare activities.

FATE NUMBER 2 – This is not a good fate number and a name number as well. If the Moon is strong and supported by planets, the natives will do well. Else they face ups and downs. Irrespective of the position of the moon, these people will love their homes and families.  These people will have great self-respect, good friends, and in positive circumstances and harmonious environment they work well. They can read other people s intentions and behaviors due to the highly developed intuitive powers. Due to this they become more effective as councilors, psychologists. Because of their association to the Moon they love herbs and medicinal plants. Men born under this number are fortunate enough to marry good looking women are devoted and attractive and look young. Being egoless, is the best part of being number 2 and they do not mind doing things twice to get the desired result. The natives are spiritual and will show interest in occult sciences.

FATE NUMBER 3 – Strong and full of stamina, no 3 often has opposition from close family due to their actions, outspoken and critical nature and their weakness for  members of opposite sex. These natives are proud, extravagant, selfish and boasting and hence may not be a favourite amongst friends. But they are favoured by luck and materializes money whenever they have a requirement. They have a good family who will support them. These natives are warm and generous and make money through their magnetic personality and charming behavior. They earn through various sources and may even use wrong means to earn money. Blessed with good imagination, creativity, intuition and power of clear expression both written and oral they do well in publishing, publicity business, research and education, philosophic and religious work.

FATE NUMBER 4 – This may not be a good number especially if no 4 or 8 is the Birth number. There would be sudden changes in life upsetting them. These natives will be burdened with heavy responsibilities but enough strength and stamina to go through. Planet Rahu gives them dissatisfaction and they always feel that something is amiss. They have opportunities to move ahead but should discard their doubting and selfish nature.

FATE NUMBER 5 – These natives become self-sufficient early in life and if Birth number is 6 they balance speed and caution. They are good in business and can create a good atmosphere among colleagues and business partners. No. 5 brings wisdom, intuition, goodluck, happiness and insight. Wealth is acquired through inheritance, lottery and risks in business. They may inventors in their own field and will speculate and progress in the material field.  This is an excellent number for astrologers, writers, publishers, lawyers, critics, businessmen, scholars, orators. They live in foreign land for extended period.



Solar Ingress Chart and Our expert numerologist’s interpretations….. Contd……

Vedic astrology foundation does numerology analysis individuals as well as firms. Our famous numerologist in Chennai will assist you to analyse your birth numbers and name numbers and will guide you to choose the correct path in business/life.

LEO –  (17  Aug.-16  Sept..(lndian)  24  July-23    Aug.(Western) – Liberal, Courageous, egoists with strong will power and great patience – a combination for success !. These natives do well in administration and get honour and respect in society. Yellow, orange, golden colors Sunday and number 4 are auspicious and their gemstone is ruby.

VIRGO (17 Sept.-16 Oct.(lndian), 24 Aug. -23   Sept.(Western) – Grape color, Wednesday and Number 5 , Emarald  signify these natives. They earn early in life, obstacles in life, travel often, and seldom gets angry.  They attain high status by their own ability and are inclined to be philosophical and artistic. They have interest in science and don’t get much cooperation from relatives.

LIBRA (17 Oct.-13 Nov.(Indian), 24  Sept.-23   Oct.(Western) – Influenced by Venus the these natives are believers of love, compatibility, compassion and justice, and pure thoughts. Blue color, Friday and Number 6. Diamond and Opal are lucky for them. They are fond of being extravagant, and travelling abroad.

SCORPIO – (14 Nov.-14   Dec.(Indian), 24  Oct.  – 22  Nov.(Western) Intelligent, active and idealist, these natives are dedicated to spiritual learnings. They are good at undertaking adventurous activities and will always look at ways to overpower opponents. Though they struggle during the early days in life, their get help from all quarters during their life and reach their goals. They make successful politicians. Red, chocolate colors, Tuesday and number 9, coral are lucky for these natives.

SAGITTARIUS – (15 Dec.-13  Jan.(Indian), 23  Nov. –  22  Dec.(Western) – Sagittarians have Jupiter influencing them and they are found to be liberal, honest, intelligent and hardworking. People close to them often become adversaries and they must fight opposition in relationships and business. Deep yellow, Thursday, number 3 , yellow sapphire are auspicious for these natives.

CAPRICORN –(14 Jan.–13   Feb.(Indian),  23 Dec. – 20 Jan.(Western) – Influenced  by Saturn, these natives chart out their own destiny. These people have good business skills, make wealth and will accumulate it and will never waste money. They also do not take up any work that do not generate money. Strong will power, hardworking, lesser patience & discipline, ambitious these natives have less support from immediate family. Purple, black, khaki, Saturday, Number 8 and Blue Sapphire are auspicious for these members.

AQUARIUS – (14 Feb.-13 Mar.(Indian), 21  Jan.  –  19  Feb.(Western) – Strong will power, good reasoning, simple mild, honest, and with good oratory and writing power, stable these natives overcome all adverse situations in life to establish themselves in a honorable position in society. Light blue, purple, Saturday and number 4, blue sapphire are auspicious.

PISCES – (14 Mar.-12 Apr.(lndian), 20  Feb.  –  20  Mar.(Western) – Not so stable pisceans are more adept to arts and literature and are honest and intelligent. They are inclined to waste money on extravagance and on relatives. These natives may not have many friends but will have many servants and attendants. Deep blue, purple, Thursday, number 3 & 7 and yellow sapphire are auspicious.

Our top numerologists in Chennai , research each of the above mentioned trait and have found them to be very accurate. For some, there may  be slight changes depending upon their upbringing and background.