HEALTH – Inputs from top numerologists in Chennai ..contd

The last set of numbers for which our top numerologists in Chennai have given their inputs, health wise.

Number 15 – The number fifteen is not a favorable number for health.  The gives a strong grip upon life  and  is associated with a very long life . The latter part of life will be better health wise

Number 16 –  Strong and muscular body but travel can bring illness. Care should be taken while handling sharp instruments.  A masculine number and hence the inclination towards the taking of risks is accentuated and can lead to accidents.

Number 17 –  A strong physical body, but stress can lead to ill health. Mental excitement or any form of undue study or intense mental strain will disturb the health and this can be caused through matters to do with work or with the more private side of life going awry.

Number 18 – Not a strong body and hence health can be upset due to wrong diet. The native will have a grip of life and a long-life span. But diseases may be affecting the chest and stomach.

Number 19 – Strong   and well-formed type   of physical  with good  health, the number rules the spine and the dorsal vertebrae of the spine particularly. Complains can affect these parts of the body.

Number 20 –  Personal cleanliness is important as to maintain good health.  This is especially applicable for women.  Diseases of a functional nature can occur and health will improve during the latter years in life.

Number 21 – This number gives extremely good health. Sports will help maintain god and natural health till 60-65 years of age and post that precautions should be taken.

Number 22 –  The number is associated with the health of individuals, depending on the seasons. You need to control over activity and restlessness.  If happy,  health  will  be  good,   but   if  unhappy or disturbed,  then health will  be upset.  Health  will  improve with age.