How is this year for you ? Our Numerologists in Chennai say

Our expert numerologists in Chennai have means and ways to predict the current year results for you. For example if your date of birth is 8-7-1970 you consider the following

The date of your birth -8

The month of your birth 7

And current year 2018

Total – 2033. Now reduce the above into a single digit which becomes 8. You may calculate any year as above to know the results.

Here is a gist of the year numbers and their significance

Number 1 year – A year of improvement and betterment, this year will prove beneficial and you will derive benefits from influence. New associates will become lasting friends.

Number 2 year  – A year of romance and imaginative temperament. A good year in general, with some development with relatives and friends abroad.

Number 3 year – This number tends to scatter your interests in many fields. There will be an increase  in financial earnings and hence a more calm behavior need to be cultivated.

Number 4 year  – A notable year with a whole lot of lucky incidents. This number restricts you for expansions but will not restrict you to grow upwards.

Number 5 year – A pleasant year with Mercury vibrations and hence more travel is indicated. Communication will improve so will study, reading, music and theatrical affairs.

Number 6 year  – This number signifies social contacts and more responsibilities both on the social and family fronts. Perfect year for emotional and intellectual aspects.

Number 7 year  – A whole lot of travel and communication to far away places. A year of peace but good year to stimulate mental potential.

Number 8 year  – Not a year for quick speculations. A year to use your powers in a constructive way.

Number 9 year  – A year which indicates studies that are occult in nature. This year will be dashing and aggressive. Companions will have more influence on you.

Do contact us at www.vedicastrology to speak to our top numerologists.

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