What is the scope of Numerology ?

Depending on the ruling number of each person, numerology can quickly show us the beneficial years of their lives. It tells us the ages that would turn auspicious for us, in our lifetime. Numerology recommends remedies and our expert numerologists at Chennai, are good at that.

Favorable numbers would indicate the transit of favorable planets in different houses. Numerology inidicates favorable days to start business or any other significant work.

Auspicious, ominous dates to start friendships and partnerships are looked at. Similarly, we get to know the numbers favorable to us, to enable us to choose the right marriage partners, business partners and friends.

Our top numerologists in Chennai will help you with the favorable colors for each number to ensure favorable results in your endeavours. For example, your business Logo and premises can be of the color that is favorable to your lucky numbers to yield good results.

A little bit of Vastu is included in numerology predictions. General inputs on directions for residences and workplaces are indicated for each birth number and lucky number.

For those of you who own vehicles, knowing their lucky numbers will prove useful.

Since, there is a connection between planets and birth numbers remedial measures can be suggested through numerology. So does this science, enable us to know the favorable gemstones to wear.

For more insights on how Numerology change lives do access our website and call us for an email/personal consultation with our Chief Consultant Mr. Praveen Saanker.

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