How is this year for you ? Our Numerologists in Chennai say

Our expert numerologists in Chennai have means and ways to predict the current year results for you. For example if your date of birth is 8-7-1970 you consider the following

The date of your birth -8

The month of your birth 7

And current year 2018

Total – 2033. Now reduce the above into a single digit which becomes 8. You may calculate any year as above to know the results.

Here is a gist of the year numbers and their significance

Number 1 year – A year of improvement and betterment, this year will prove beneficial and you will derive benefits from influence. New associates will become lasting friends.

Number 2 year  – A year of romance and imaginative temperament. A good year in general, with some development with relatives and friends abroad.

Number 3 year – This number tends to scatter your interests in many fields. There will be an increase  in financial earnings and hence a more calm behavior need to be cultivated.

Number 4 year  – A notable year with a whole lot of lucky incidents. This number restricts you for expansions but will not restrict you to grow upwards.

Number 5 year – A pleasant year with Mercury vibrations and hence more travel is indicated. Communication will improve so will study, reading, music and theatrical affairs.

Number 6 year  – This number signifies social contacts and more responsibilities both on the social and family fronts. Perfect year for emotional and intellectual aspects.

Number 7 year  – A whole lot of travel and communication to far away places. A year of peace but good year to stimulate mental potential.

Number 8 year  – Not a year for quick speculations. A year to use your powers in a constructive way.

Number 9 year  – A year which indicates studies that are occult in nature. This year will be dashing and aggressive. Companions will have more influence on you.

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Numerology – Methodsour expert numerologists adopt to answers random queries

Some you who have been seeing our website and following us have been reading up on the serious elements in Numerology. The interconnection of the Universe, planet and the number and how they impact human life.

Some of us like to ask questions to the Universe. Personally, I have tried asking many questions. The answers will come, but at times late. So we play number games, pick and choose answers, put lots etc.

Numerology has a similar game devised for such queries. The querist will ask the numerologist a question and will seek answers. It requires a high degree of expertise and experience to be able to answer these questions.

It requires the experience to read the querists mind. Transcendental knowledge helps read the other persons mind. This allows the numerologist to know what is in the other persons mind. Some experts read the persons life in its entirety.

So, keep your questions handy and our expert Numerologists in Chennai will surprise you with accurate answers to your queries.



Number 12 – There will be periods of ups and downs but your originality can guide you better in making decisions. Your income will be from vocational activities and speculation. But one has to be aware of the risks involved while speculating. With co operation and understanding there can be more gains.

Number 13 – There is an inherent urge to spend and at times this may lead to difficulties. But there is a capacity to earn and money matters are favourable for you. Tendency to take risks is there and this may not be beneficial if you are looking at making money quickly. Consistent efforts in the right direction will give you good results.

Number 14 – Your work and personal interests may be linked with money, with a great deal of trust places on your integrity and honesty.  You have an ability to weigh up risks. If you gain from taking risks you may use the money to strengthen your financial position. Benefits can be derived from music painting and other activities like entertainment.

Number 15 – You will have firm and practical ideas and proper planning and courage to carry out these ideas. Hence beware of people who might use your ideas to grow. Accepting authoritative, responsible position will aid financial side of life and due to thrift you may build up substantial reserves. You forethought will help you most times.

Number 16 – Not an easy number to save money. Much will depend on your partners capability to save money.  A practical partner will save you.

Number 17 – You can have a main source of income as well as an auxiliary source for extra money. Fluctuations in income and expenditure will be there.  Beware of signing financial agreements.

Number 18  – You want to attract money, and your advices in money matters will be of value. Benefit will come through property and inheritance. Squabbles and fights can personal loss.

Number 19 – Ambitious about money, you prefer a large income. Your power to organize financial matters will help you, but at times extravagant inclinations will have to be restrained.

Number 20 – You have a personal ability to acquire money. You will benefit from inheritance and legacy. Be constructive while planning finances and you will benefit.

Number 21 – You will get support of influential people. You will have a flair for speculation and investment.

Number 22 –   There will be seasonal fluctuations  which can react  on your work or your business. You have a good sense of value of money. Be careful of health as ill health can cause loss of money also.



In order to know your money number, you need to write your full name with surname etc and total each name.  Then add these numbers ad reduce it to a final number. Married ladies can add their husbands name as well. Each number indicates the fortune of the individual governed by the number- says our expert numerologists in Chennai

Number 1 –   Money will be earned from different source. Some, from an intellectual and mental  nature  and others  connected with  travel, transport, mechanical affairs.  Care should be taken while  making  of financial agreements and  arrangements  and  in the  signing of financial papers.  Never take  things  too much  for granted.

Number 2 – causes you  to  have  a  strong   sense  of thrift,  at the same time gain from every penny you spend. You will  invariably do your  best  to regulate  both  income and  expenditure and  this  will  apply  to all areas including business and private affairs. Gain of accounting knowledge will be helpful.

Number 3 – you will automatically gravitate towards financial side of life. You will want money to come to you without effort. This could lead you to be fraudulent in transactions. Gains will come only if you have a partner who is honest and straight forward.

Number 4 – You tend to spend money on machinery and equipment, and this is not being extravagant. You can command a good income from work/business.  Care should be taken not to take up liabilities that may cause you difficulties.

Number 5 – Financial luck and fortune come to these natives. One must guard against unwise risks and speculations.

Number 6 –  Money often comes to them without much effort, but that is not the case always.  Personal effort is required for benefits through business, work or speculative investment.  Gain can be through marriage and partnership as well.

Number 7 –  Reasonably progressive in money matters, this number can make money from various activities. There is an attraction towards taking risks but unwise risks can result in losses.

Number 8 – Always trying to regulate expenditure, you may not spend even when it is necessary. You will gain through business activities and by holding responsibilities which link business and financial sides of life with social, public and political nature.

Number 9 –  Many of your hopes and wishes will be associated with money and finances. You will be practical in money matters and will be responsible enough to handle other peoples money with trust. Learn to be more constructive in investment than being speculative.

Number 10 – Sudden gains and sudden losses are indicated. The originality of thought and action will aid in gaining and avoiding losses.

Number 11 – peculiar influence of taking long term view of affairs. You have the power to influence others. Temptations which are not ethical in nature will bring losses and one has to be on guard.


HEALTH – Inputs from top numerologists in Chennai ..contd

The last set of numbers for which our top numerologists in Chennai have given their inputs, health wise.

Number 15 – The number fifteen is not a favorable number for health.  The gives a strong grip upon life  and  is associated with a very long life . The latter part of life will be better health wise

Number 16 –  Strong and muscular body but travel can bring illness. Care should be taken while handling sharp instruments.  A masculine number and hence the inclination towards the taking of risks is accentuated and can lead to accidents.

Number 17 –  A strong physical body, but stress can lead to ill health. Mental excitement or any form of undue study or intense mental strain will disturb the health and this can be caused through matters to do with work or with the more private side of life going awry.

Number 18 – Not a strong body and hence health can be upset due to wrong diet. The native will have a grip of life and a long-life span. But diseases may be affecting the chest and stomach.

Number 19 – Strong   and well-formed type   of physical  with good  health, the number rules the spine and the dorsal vertebrae of the spine particularly. Complains can affect these parts of the body.

Number 20 –  Personal cleanliness is important as to maintain good health.  This is especially applicable for women.  Diseases of a functional nature can occur and health will improve during the latter years in life.

Number 21 – This number gives extremely good health. Sports will help maintain god and natural health till 60-65 years of age and post that precautions should be taken.

Number 22 –  The number is associated with the health of individuals, depending on the seasons. You need to control over activity and restlessness.  If happy,  health  will  be  good,   but   if  unhappy or disturbed,  then health will  be upset.  Health  will  improve with age.