HEALTH – Inputs from top numerologists in Chennai …contd

Number 8 – Susceptibility to rheumatic ailments, asthma, colds and chills. The number rules over bones and joints, knee and kneecap. The health that is average during the early days will improve and one ages.

Number 9 –  Sluggishness can cause morbid changes to health and hence need to be careful about the unfavourable health due to this. Caution against physical strain and also while carrying heavy things.

Number 10 –  signifies that   the  condition of the  nervous system  will  have  much to do with  the  general  health.  When there  is an absence of mental   strain   then  health  will  be good. Unexplained risks due to activities adventurous in nature like  mountain climbing is indicated.

Number 11 –  A psychic number that is receptive to ailments which are psychic and emotional in their  origin. This person will imagine that he is having some terrible disease and all due the extremely powerful imagination that he has.

Number 12  – This number does not indicate a strong body but a longer life span .  One has to be careful about water you drink since water   containing and  undue residue of lime,  sand  or chalk would have  an unfavorable effect upon the system.

Number 13-  Strong type of physical body, good vital powers  and plenty  of what  may  be termed life force.  Need to guard   against   feverish   ailments, influenza   and  illness that  could  affect  the  head  and  face.  Over activity can interfere with the  normally recuperative   power.

Number 14  – The number  fourteen  gives you a strong  physical body. Considerable   physical endurance   is denoted  showing a resistance  to ill health  with a strengthening  of the  vitality.

This will be continued and our top numerologists in Chennai will keep you informed on how the numbers govern your health….

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