Marriage and love – How numerology identifies the right partner characteristics…contd

Number 16 –  there is a tendency to rush into love and mistake fascination for love.  Once a definite attachment is done one should not let any interventions upset the association. Marriage will take place early in life and the same point is stressed here, to not allow interventions.

Number 17 – You will meet your partner during a journey and will associate with him/her through education, newspaper or transport. There are strong indications of more than one marriage and the correct type of partner will be one of intellectual disposition and a good conversationalist.

Number 18 – A strong desire for domestic comforts will be the condition for marriage. The partner will have a strong imagination and can contribute by giving ideas in a strong and constructive manner which will be productive mutually. The health of the partner will require attention.

Number 19 – It is advisable to marry a person from the same stature of yours – financially and socially. The choice of partner will be done based on finance. Children will have influence over your decision.

Number 20 – A desire for home and hence a partner who enjoys daily household chorus will be the best choice. Though you may be attracted towards the glamorous types but would be happy with a homely person.

Number 21 – A favourable number for both love and marriage, you will have to be prepared to make sacrifices as well. Individual position in life will decide the trend of marriage and love in life.

Number 22 – Not a practical person as far as love affairs are concerned, due to the natural desire for companionship. May identify philosophical reasons to accept failure in love matters. A good number for marriage and marital finances.


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