Health– Inputs from top numerologists in Chennai

Our expert numerologists in Chennai has a few tips for us, with regard to health.  The experts says we could guard against ill health by observing our body on a day to day basis. Numerology points to the problem areas and the possible solution to it. Here is what they say…..

Number 1 – Mental strain and worry may cause health condition to deteriorate, in number 1 natives. Travel to the country side may be effective to maintain a peaceful and calm mental state.

Number 2 – Small and compact body with a reasonably good health. The number rules over digestive system and if that is upset may result in colic and other afflictions.

Number 3 – Emotional upsets can cause temporary depletion of energy, strength and vitality. There are good powers of recuperation. The lumbar region is prone to complaints. The native may have diabetes and frequent colds.

Number 4 – Good health can be maintained by normal habits. The native is prone to infections and hence needs to be careful.

Number 5 – Recuperative powers will pull you through illness. With a good appetite, you need to control the intake of food in order to maintain good health.

Number 6 – The kidneys and eyes may pose challenges. Emotional upsets can create tension and upset the health. Harmony in the surroundings and agreeable personal relationships will prove effective to maintain good health

Number 7 – A strong body with real good recuperative capabilities, you should avoid over activity and excitement. Rest is advised if you are a person who is active all the time. Dangers from animals, travel and sports are indicated and hence one need to be wary.

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