Marriage and love – How numerology identifies the right partner characteristics..contd

Let us continue with our top numerologists input about numbers and how they determine our happiness in marriage and our life after marriage.

Number 7 – This number has a favourable vibration and signifies relationships earlier to actual marriage. You may be interested in sports and outdoor activities. Outdoor life can be the means to meet your life partner.

Number 8 – You will develop your social, public affairs, business aspects through marriage. There is a possibility that you will marry a little late in life to an older partner. Health of the partner should be taken care

Number 9 – The number rules over love affairs and marriages, and with marriage the social and public side of life will develop. But the marriage to last long enough is difficult. If not married early you may be attracted to younger partners and if young you will be attracted to older partners.

Number 10 – Several affairs are indicated before a marriage can happen. It is necessary to be cautious as even after marriage there can be issues causing upsets/separation. Being a romantic there are possibilities of more than one person vying for your attention at the same time.

Number 11 – Your power of mental and oral suggestion can have an influence on your partner, Being selfish can also lead to troubles. The outcome of marital affairs will depend on business and financial aspects and if those are not good, then things can go wrong.

Number 12 – Your spirit of sacrifice will be abused by those whom you love. There can be more than one attachment at times. The ideal partner will be someone who will blend with your ambition and at the same time give a thought to your domestic and private affairs

Number 13  – Practical always towards love and marriage, you desire a quiet and unhurried life. But many a time a partner that you choose may be active and energetic and there may be conflicts of interest.

Number 14 – this is a flirtatious number but there is an element of sincerity and hence once an association is made there should be an attempt to make it permanent. Once a commitment is made, and if there are adverse situations where it does not work out, these natives will suffer severely. And with marriage, it will be a marriage for life.

Number 15 – This number denotes difficulties in expressing the desire in mind, but as age advances the person will have a satisfactory attachment with a person who is more constant and will support you.

Our top numerologists in Chennai will give you more in the coming days …

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