Marriage and love  – How numerology identifies the right partner characteristics

Marriage is considered the most important association in human life, The requirement for companionship and affection is strong and hence an unfavorable or wrong association can bring about much unpleasantness in our lives.

By knowing love and marriage number and its attributes we can know if there are mutual vibrations that are helpful. This allows us to choose acts that lessen or nullifies the negative effects and bring in love and harmony.

For combinations already harmonious, we can bring about more efficiency for matter most important.

The following numbers and their attributes are based on planetary and zodiacal influences, says our expert numerologist in Chennai

Number 1 – These natives may meet their marriage partners during travel or while being part of a discussion group. Sometimes he might be a cousin. The marriage will need a lots of discrimination and patience for it to last forever and if there is an absence of love /passion the marriage may not last long.

Number 2 – There can be discord due to some expectations of comforts and amenities between the partners. The way out is to use discretion. Interference from others outside the family could also be there. Best is to choose a partner who is practical as far as finances are concerned.

Number 3 – Though idealistic about marriage, you are advised to be practical. Attraction to the opposite sex should not be causing confusion or complications in your life. You are advised to use common sense to choose a good partner who also guide you in your social and public life.

Number 4 – Affectional and emotional desires are strong and hence you will be attracted to the right partner. Regulating personal impulses is important especially while identifying life partner. The correct person will be of physical courage, of active temperament and interested in occult sciences and mechanical interests. But they can b possessive and jealous due to which some unpleasantness may occur.

Number 5 – Sincerity will count more that affection during the courtship days and after that a more constructive association will develop. These natives will meet their partners at a religious function/place. Marriage will have love and sympathy and financial gain from partner.

Number 6 – Need a control over impulses to avoid matches that are not conforming to you. The difference between fascination and love should be clearly understood to gain happy and fruitful association and marriage thereafter. Care should be taken to avoid temporary associations that may disturb the marriage.

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