Health, Marriage, Finance and Numbers – Our expert numerologist in Chennai says

Health is Wealth and we all know that. It is important that each of us have good health to keep us both mentally and physically strong. Poor health can affect us in many ways. It can impact our well being, financial status and our relationships.

The question of physical strength or weakness is of vital importance to  everyone. One must take the corrective steps to rectify the weaknesses we have in our health conditions.

Numbers give an indication of our health condition.  The first letter and the sum of the name number also gives indications about the health situation of an individual. The indication given by the surname/ name (whole name) corresponds with the planetary number influencing life in general.

The first step is to look at the starting letter of the name and the corresponding number.  The linkage goes from number to colors that correspond to the numbers and the planets, thus completing the circuit.

Colors aid in intensifying the positive effects of the numbers and focusing on the required qualities. It also helps overcome the negativities. Thus, comparing numbers and reading about their effects on health, financial and other characteristics of the individual will help us choose the right relationships in life – be it life partner, friends or colleagues.

Harmonious numbers in marriages indicate that the marriage will be favourable. If the numbers disagree there has to be a lot of diplomacy that will play a role in the success of the marriage. Where numbers are passive there is no great influence, good or bad.

Our top numerologists in Chennai also feel that the moolank and the lucky numbers play a role in the financial situation of an individual. Money matters can be assessed by looking at the name numbers. Further, our numerologists also have derived ways to look at the current year of an individual with the assistance of numerology.

We shall throw light on each of these areas.

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