First Letters of a name and significance – contd..

We have been studying a few names while going through this series and we understand that most of the traits are true to each alphabet.

K this first letter gives you qualities of an entertainer, and you will have a magnetic personality. This also signifies mood swings

L The perpendicular line indicates aspirations and the horizontal line indicates material world. This letter as the first alphabet in the name indicates social popularity and success. The person leads a very active life. This letter indicates intuition and insight into motives and behaviour of people.

M – A letter that indicates that the person will never accept defeat. Indicates strength of character and mind and a matter of fact demeanour

N – Intellectual and talented, strong emotionally and lucky in being successful in whatever he or she does.

O – Keeping inner thoughts to oneself this person suffers from depression often. At the same time, it endows you with intellectuality, balance and ability to handle problems.

P – These individuals should control their evil side through meditation and concentration. Very clever and knows that you need to keep away from others to pursue own goals. In walks of life you retain the characteristic of separateness.

Q- Indicate strong will power and determination, always keeping the hopes positive. Helpful by nature.

R – Indicates strength of will used for both good and bad. Gives advices but will not accept them in one’s own life.  Helps others unburden their worries.

S – Enables the individual to make firm friendships. But, also feels hurtful in case they are betrayed.

T – This symbolises sacrifice and great ambitions. Acts of bringing happiness and that of being a follower, but a strong one at that.

U – Open at the top, the individual must take care to retain the gifts received in life, else it may overflow.

V – These individuals often occupy positions high in command, works had and reaps rewards. Great abilities to work on masterplans and theories into practice.

W – This is someone who enjoys life to the fullest, has unusual powers and developed character.

X – Conservative in outlook, attractive personality and responsibility on the highest spiritual plane. You maintain separateness in all your affairs.

Y – Searching is the trait, for mysticism, secrets and doctrines behind the veil.

Z – Your advice and   assistance  are  frequently sought   and  wisely respected. You have tremendous potentialities which can be used for either good or bad.

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