First Letters of a name and its significance – Our numerologists explain – 1

Alphabets too reveal your characteristics too and hence are important in the study of an individual. The first letter of the name reveals hidden characteristics, likes and dislikes.

Here are some inputs from our Chennai numerologists.

A denotes strong will power and determination, creative talent and leadership. Two slanting lines with a bar joining them symbolizes a ladder and hence the desire to climb up in life.

B This letter completes and closes the circuit. The letter also indicates the individual to be moody and emotional. Aloof from strangers. B also resembles number 8 in a way.

C indicates intellectual abilities, and a healthy outlook on life. It indicates success after overcoming difficulties. With a positive side of personality, there exists a negative side of personality.

D The meaning of this enclosed letter is that the person rises above the enclosure with tolerance and patience. This alphabet also represents great attachment to material things.

E The letter signifies the ability to write and speak and everything mental and intellectual. Fame come through writing and oratory works. This person will have a lot of contacts at various levels and will be more balanced.

F A family-oriented person, you derive a lot of pleasure from home life. If there is repetitiveness of the letter in the name, then it means protection of the family.

G A letter that curves inside of itself indicates self-introspection, analysis and self-love. A person with psychic powers, who can understand another ‘s thoughts and motives. A person who generates ideas without any previous chain to reasons.

H – Firm and balanced person. The chances of rise and fall in life depends on the person himself.

I – An intuitive person, you will be interested in the welfare of the universe. Self-reliant and law abiding, the person will have intense feeling and ability to progress in adverse situations

J Persons whose name starts with J skips from one area of learning to another and maybe that will be their major weakness. Otherwise they are progressive, in touch with the latest developments. These people have a bright outlook and a talent for painting.

For more from our top numerologists in Chennai, do come back ….

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