Mysticism of Numbers – more from our best numerologist in Chennai – 7

Our astro numerologists in Chennai are experts in linking both numerology and astrology. They continue with their inputs on the mystery of numbers. Read on…

Number 61 – This number has the secret powers of number 7, and indicates success after struggle

Number 62 – The native will have to bear the consequences of ominous actions and hence will have to be cautious

Number 63 – The native should not abandon hope, to ensure success.  There will always be fear in the mind of the native.

Number 64 – Unexpected profits and unexpected losses is what this number indicates. There is also an initial period of struggle.

Number 65 – The number indicates brightened fortune and protection from influential persons and from people of the opposite sex.

Number 66 – An auspicious and successful sign of marriage and support from senior officials

Number 67 – Indicates good times after going through ups and downs.

Number 68 – Cautions one to spend money carefully to avoid losses

Number 69 – The native will fully succeed in his aim and purpose if he plans his actions after thoughtfully weighing the pros and cons. Auspicious number

Number 70 – An auspicious number for future event planning especially for marriage and partnership.

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