Mysticism of Numbers – more from our best numerologist in Chennai – 5

Family and marriage are important turning points in life. Our top numerologists in Chennai have discovered a few numbers that are auspicious for marriage. Do have a look

Number 41 – Indicates a highly emotional person and this should not supersede logic and principles. If it does, then the outcome may not be favourable.

Number 42 – Indicates support from all quarters – This is an auspicious number for marriage, business and partnerships.

Number 43 – The number indicates bright and golden future. While this also indicates change or revolution, the outcome is positive.

Number 44 – Though the number adds up to 8 and has 4 , this is considered an auspicious number to plan for the future. The natives may be bound by a very intimate friendship/affair.

Number 45 – Influence of number 9 and 36, this is a respectable number but for the natives, returns may be less especially love, as this number indicates deceit from loved ones.

Number 46 – Unfavourable number for marriage and love, but otherwise, a gainful number that brings luck, prestige and money.

Number 47 – Victory in all undertaking is indicated, with the help of the opposite sex. There is success in marriage and happiness too.

Number 48 – Not a respectable number for marriage, but for those n=born on 3, 12, 21 and 30th of a month this can prove to be auspicious.

Number 49 – An omnipotent number, natives are advised not to take decisions in a hurry. Natives will have their wives/partners who will be superior to them in terms of knowledge and experience.

Number 50 – Auspicious number for friendships and social life.  These natives have a wide social circle and prestigious and renowned family.

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