Mysticism of Numbers – more from our best numerologist in Chennai -3


Our top numerologists in Chennai are doing a great job identifying the mysticism of numbers and interpreting them in a way we can understand. While we go through this, it is important to note that there is no substitute to hardwork and truthfulness. Lucky numbers would aid you achieve your goals, if the foundation is good.

Number 21 – This number is a synonym for completion of any work. This number cannot be defeated by anyone. This number denotes reaching the highest peak of success through hardwork.

Number 22 – This number is indicative of the fact that there are difficulties in life, which can be solved with divine help.

Number 23 – This is a symbol of success, aiding and protecting persons holding high posts. An expression of victory and reputation.

Number 24 – An auspicious number, lucky for the native as his fortune will rise in life due to a woman in his life. In case of a female, a male will play this role.

Number 25 – Indicates success after struggle and difficulties in the initial stage of life.

Number 26 – This indicates lack of intelligence and indulging in unproductive work and hence considered inauspicious for business, marriage and money transactions.

Number 27 – Symbolises perfection, authority and dominance. The number is used to reap advantages from future events.

Number 28 – Paradoxical and hence indicating failure, this number advises the natives to work discreetly, secretively to avoid adverse effects.

Number 29 – Too much intimacy with these natives can prove to be detrimental, since this number indicates treachery.

Number 30 – There are two sides to this number – The native can be good or bad depending on the company he keeps. In the company of saints and sages they become good. The natives may not be materialistic.