Mysticism of Numbers – our numerologists say…. 1

Our top numerologists have given their inputs in the numbers and their mysticism.

Number 1-  Represented by Shri Ganesh. In foreign concept represented by a magician who has spiritual powers-Represented by the Sun

Number 2 – Denotes a pair – Sun and Moon, Ashwini Kumars – Western concept this represents presence of virtue and evil  – represented by the moon

Number 3 – Represented by Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh, The Triveni Sangam , 3 gunas, and the 3 nadis – represents Goddess of Nature  and influenced by Venus

Number 4 – Represented by 4 vedas – the four directions , In the west it symbolizes a person who is pure of mind , an emblem of security clearly on the path of duty.

Number 5  – Represents the 5 sense organs, 5 elements (panchaboota) – Denotes justice and freedom.

Number 6 – Represented by 6 branches of Vedas, God Karthikeya – A symbol of construction and mental condition.

Number 7 – Seven seas, Seven days of the week. Represents management of strength , spiritual knowledge and progress.

Number 8 – Represents Ashta Sidhis, and Saturn the lord. Justice , righteousness and elemental knowledge is represented by this number.

Number 9 – Nine planets, Nine types of devotion, 9th house in the horoscope which represents the fortune of an individual. Nine represents perfection and maturity.

Number 10 – Represented by 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu and the 10 heads of Ravana, Represents victory , authority and power as well as arrogance.




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