Mysticism of Numbers – more from our best numerologist in Chennai – 2

Number 11 – In Vedic literature  ‘Ekadash Rudra’  represents rudras in sets of Eleven. Represents    ekadashi vrat . Number  11  is  considered  as an auspicious number,  as  secretive Tantric  (emulet  related) power . Number 11 indicates that  a person can encounter and win over even the most difficult dangers and  troubles

Number 12 – Represents twelve months  in a year  and 12 zodiac signs.  The sky is divided into 12 divisions.  The Sun is popularly known  as ‘Dwadash Aditya’. Number  12 is  a  symbol  of renunciation and  sacrifice.

Number 13 – Symbolizes beginning – denoting that there is life after death- Indian astrology considers 13 as auspicious, Number 13 is indicative of change and does not in Indian concept denote any misfortune.

Number 14 – is  considered as  the  number  of  change, If business and other  transactions, dealings,  gambling, speculation or  change in  business   is desired,  14th  number  will  prove  as  an  appropriate  and suitable date/day.

Number 15 – representative  number of magic,  totems and  emulets.  This number  is  also  related   to  music,  art,  dance   and  speech.

Number 16 – 16 mantras in Purushsukta and  ‘Rudrasukta’    and  Shodash  ‘Dhritamrita used  in marriages. This number represents a person who reaches his goal and then falls.

Number 17 – Symbolize spiritual knowledge. A spiritual number of high  order, learned men  call it as a symbol of immortality In the  context  of spirituality and service

Number 18 – is a symbol of war and struggle, but 1+8=9 is a complete number, hence it is an auspicious number.

Number 19 – a highly  auspicious number. It is a-symbol of happy married life, prosperous family and happy  children.

Number 20 – symbolic sign   of  new   planning, ambitions, self  confidence and  power  spiritual  revolution and acts of service.