Compound Number vibrations as per Chaldean System – Views from our top Numerologists – 1

Let us know from our top numerologists about the compound numbers. Numbers 1-9 and their greatness was covered in my earlier blogs. Single digits denote what we appear as in the eyes of others. Double digits show the inner influences of an individual. Compound numbers belong to the spiritual side of the life. We shall cover numbers 11 to 52 here.

10  –  A number where plans are carried out,  it is also a number of rise and fall. If good will symbolizes self confidence.

11 –  A person who undergoes great difficulties, this number may not be the most beneficial number to many.

12  –  Generally sacrificed for the fancies  and plans of other, this is the symbolism of Sacrifice

13   –  Great number if used positively. This number symbolizes great changes. It also symbolizes power and dominion.

14  –  A number fortunate in money dealings, but also cautions against being over speculative. A good number for action with prudence.

15 – Signifies magic and mystery and this is combined with a good single number can prove to be lucky and powerful. Good speakers, magnetic personality, this is a fortunate number for many.

16 –  This is number which tells us to be aware of the dangers and to be planned for future.

17 – This is a highly  spiritual number, and expresses that  the  person  it represents has  risen  superior in spirit  to the  trials  and difficulties of his life or his career.

18 – If materialistic this number will destroy the spiritual side of the individual. For any important work, this should be considered with great caution, as this also signifies quarrels, wars and making money through wars.

19 -This  number is regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable. It  is  a. number  promising happiness, success, esteem  and  honour  and  promises success  in one’s plan  for the  future.

20  – This  number calls for action/ duty but may not confirm success. Can be used for spiritual development as well.

21  –  A fortunate number for success, honour, elevation and for planning the future.

22  –  A good person, who can easily be influenced by others and hence may one has to be careful against adversaries.

23 –  It is a promise of success, help from superiors and protection from those  in high places.  In dealing  with future  events  it is a most  fortunate number and  a promise of success  of one’s plan’s.