Birth Number and interpretations by our expert numerologists – 3

Here is more on birth numbers from top numerologist in Chennai 


People born on 8th, 17th, 26th of any month have 8 as their birth number. Number 8 represents wisdom, Saturn, responsibility and learning through experience. These natives grow young with age  😊 and lives a long life. These natives should dispense justice and develop a large outlook and learn that happiness is not a sin – learning for no 8.  The destructive side is abuse of power, desire for revenge and negative thoughts and impatience. By the birth number, they are either the best of friends or the bitterest of enemies to people around them. Number eight also signifies materialism and spiritualism, together as 2 circles touching each other. They are usually an instrument of fate and play a significant role in others’ life.

These natives preferably should remain vegetarians and that would do good to their health.  They get on well with number 4 or become enemies and these natives do not make friends easily with any of the other numbers.


Independent and masters of their own – number 9 is represented by Mars and hence are courageous, aggressive and impatient. They are not devious or manipulative but at times dishonest. Straightforward by nature, they often have disputes in marriage. They have good organizational ability and for affection and sympathy, they will do anything. They should learn to control their temper. Their grit and determination will bring them success in life. They are advised to avoid rich food and alcohol. Friends are from 3 and 6 birth numbers and pepper, tomatoes, onion, garlic and ginger are good for them if included in the diet.

Our name numerologists in Chennai are giving you more insights on each number and the mystic nature of the numbers.. Do come back


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