Birth Number and interpretations by our expert numerologists – 2

We continue with our numerologists advice on the characteristics associated with birth numbers that will be of help to understand each of the natives born under these numbers better.


Individualistic, original, inventive these natives have a distinct character of their own.  Due to their habit of taking opposite sides for argument they make secret enemies, but this, they do not intend to be offensive. They do things differently – always – have unconventional opinions, views and some of them may even be positive. They live in the future. They do not accumulate money and may not use conventional ways to spend them also. They treat kings and paupers alike and do not make distinctions. These people should understand materialism before understanding before the soul accepts spiritualism.

Numbers 1,2, and 7 are friendly and 8 would be bitter enemies or best of friends. Health will be better if they avoid red met and highly seasoned foods.


These natives like to make money quickly and for that they are willing to take risks and speculate. Thy are great charmers and courteous as well. They like change and are often found to be moving residences, relationships and beliefs. They cannot stand mental tension and panic and hence most of them have a weak nervous system. Over indulgence is another side of number 5 be it food, sex or drugs. They shine as civil servants, writers, publishers, salesmen and in advertising. Health will be an area of concern especially mental tension can cause them to suffer.

They make friends with all people and especially with people of their own number. All kind of nuts, carrots, sea-kale, thyme etc are found to be suitable for them


Extremely magnetic, they are devoted to their loved ones and there is more idealism and affection to their attachment. Obstinate and unyielding, they are determined to complete the work they undertake and hence are often worshipped by people who work with them. They love to entertain and are generous and their key word is harmony. They cannot stand discord, jealousy and unpleasantness. They will fight unto death for causes they support. These natives need to learn to live for others as well to be happy. Sympathetic by nature, they sometimes have misplaced sympathies. They have refined tastes and have impeccable manners. They are connected to the nature and love to be near silent woods, forests, rivers that have soothing effect on their anxiety driven minds. These natives are natural healers.

Friends are from number 5 and 9 and food that they benefit from are pomegranates, melons, apples and peaches and juice of rose leaves and musk, violet.


Spirituality and miracles is represented by number 7. They travel extensively and often and are interested in foreign culture and races. They are intuitive and clairvoyant and are occultists. They become rich due to their original ideas on business and are attracted to water. Refined manners, temperament and sensitive by nature they make good artists and otherwise traders or merchants. To be peaceful, they need to develop a liking and appreciation for nature and should develop a spiritual mind. They get along well with birth number 2 and food that they love include mushrooms, apple grapes cucumber , cabbage etc.

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