Birth Number and interpretations by our expert numerologists – 1

Birth number is the most important number according to the Chaldean numerology.  This is the root number of the day on which you are born. Even when the date is in double digits, according to Chaldean system this is reduced to single number or the root number. It is not only the date but the numbers involved, are important as well. For eg 18 the number 1,8,9 (1+8) and 18 are important.

Let us look at Moolank 1-9 here

Number 1 – LEADER

Qualities of leadership is associated with this number and this applies to people born on 1st,10th,19th,28th of the month. They have a strong sense of self worth. Ambitious, they reach the highest positions in career. They may be proud and egoistic. Like the Sun, which governs number 1, these people lead lonely lives. These natives are at peace from ages 60-80, would lead a comfortable life. Healthwise, they are prone to high blood pressure, lower back pain, and problems related to spine. Sexual impotence and frigidity are other temporary ailments that might occur, which can be controlled with mental control. These natives have less hair on their body.

Number 1 is compatible with birth numbers 2,4,7 and Sundays and Mondays are favourable days. As far as food is concerned you may have foods that have the color of the Sun- Yellow/orange.


Natives born on 2nd, 11th, 20th, or 29th come under this moolank.  They are sensitive, imaginative, romantic and gentle. They have an active mind and is intuitive but weak bodies and prone to mood swings. Women are attached to their mothers and at times possessive. Moon is governing planet and natives love to travel around the world, just like the moon who travels the fastest among the earth’s planets. These natives are secretive by nature. No 2 people may suffer from illness, psychosomatic in nature, just like the moon, may be eclipsed for some time due to these sicknesses. Moon being feminine in nature, even men born under this number are glamorous. And just like the moon, natives of this sign will be attracted to water and places with water bodies.

Number 2 is compatible with birth number 1,4,7. Health will improve by including herbs and fruits in the diet.


Our expert numerologists explain that people born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th fall under birth number 3. Under Jupiter, these natives represent foreign travel, higher education, idealism and religion. These natives obey orders and insist o n their orders being obeyed as well. They are also good at executing commands and will excel in positions of authority on the Government. Independent and dictatorial they easily make enemies. They would hence be successful in marriage only if independence is total. Truth is important to them and they search for the truth in everything, however, this might look a little overbearing to others who might consider them too interfering and bossy.

They make friends easily with numbers 1,5 and 9 and foods that will do them good includes apple, almonds, figs, wheat, mint olives etc.

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