Solar Ingress Chart and Our expert numerologist’s interpretations….. Contd……

Vedic astrology foundation does numerology analysis individuals as well as firms. Our famous numerologist in Chennai will assist you to analyse your birth numbers and name numbers and will guide you to choose the correct path in business/life.

LEO –  (17  Aug.-16  Sept..(lndian)  24  July-23    Aug.(Western) – Liberal, Courageous, egoists with strong will power and great patience – a combination for success !. These natives do well in administration and get honour and respect in society. Yellow, orange, golden colors Sunday and number 4 are auspicious and their gemstone is ruby.

VIRGO (17 Sept.-16 Oct.(lndian), 24 Aug. -23   Sept.(Western) – Grape color, Wednesday and Number 5 , Emarald  signify these natives. They earn early in life, obstacles in life, travel often, and seldom gets angry.  They attain high status by their own ability and are inclined to be philosophical and artistic. They have interest in science and don’t get much cooperation from relatives.

LIBRA (17 Oct.-13 Nov.(Indian), 24  Sept.-23   Oct.(Western) – Influenced by Venus the these natives are believers of love, compatibility, compassion and justice, and pure thoughts. Blue color, Friday and Number 6. Diamond and Opal are lucky for them. They are fond of being extravagant, and travelling abroad.

SCORPIO – (14 Nov.-14   Dec.(Indian), 24  Oct.  – 22  Nov.(Western) Intelligent, active and idealist, these natives are dedicated to spiritual learnings. They are good at undertaking adventurous activities and will always look at ways to overpower opponents. Though they struggle during the early days in life, their get help from all quarters during their life and reach their goals. They make successful politicians. Red, chocolate colors, Tuesday and number 9, coral are lucky for these natives.

SAGITTARIUS – (15 Dec.-13  Jan.(Indian), 23  Nov. –  22  Dec.(Western) – Sagittarians have Jupiter influencing them and they are found to be liberal, honest, intelligent and hardworking. People close to them often become adversaries and they must fight opposition in relationships and business. Deep yellow, Thursday, number 3 , yellow sapphire are auspicious for these natives.

CAPRICORN –(14 Jan.–13   Feb.(Indian),  23 Dec. – 20 Jan.(Western) – Influenced  by Saturn, these natives chart out their own destiny. These people have good business skills, make wealth and will accumulate it and will never waste money. They also do not take up any work that do not generate money. Strong will power, hardworking, lesser patience & discipline, ambitious these natives have less support from immediate family. Purple, black, khaki, Saturday, Number 8 and Blue Sapphire are auspicious for these members.

AQUARIUS – (14 Feb.-13 Mar.(Indian), 21  Jan.  –  19  Feb.(Western) – Strong will power, good reasoning, simple mild, honest, and with good oratory and writing power, stable these natives overcome all adverse situations in life to establish themselves in a honorable position in society. Light blue, purple, Saturday and number 4, blue sapphire are auspicious.

PISCES – (14 Mar.-12 Apr.(lndian), 20  Feb.  –  20  Mar.(Western) – Not so stable pisceans are more adept to arts and literature and are honest and intelligent. They are inclined to waste money on extravagance and on relatives. These natives may not have many friends but will have many servants and attendants. Deep blue, purple, Thursday, number 3 & 7 and yellow sapphire are auspicious.

Our top numerologists in Chennai , research each of the above mentioned trait and have found them to be very accurate. For some, there may  be slight changes depending upon their upbringing and background.

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