Fate number – Some Insights from our top numerologists in Chennai…contd…

FATE NUMBER 6 – This number gets involved with the  members of opposite sex without intending to do so. They find suitable partners if married early enough. They are good story tellers and conversationalists and are independent and hardworking. They are interested in alchemy and tantra. They are generous in entertaining friends and likes fine jewellery, dresses, perfumes etc. and are glamorous and remain youthful even in their old age.

FATE NUMBER 7 – Fate number 7 helps natives enhance the qualities of the birth number. The natives are brilliant and practical and influenced by Ketu, are spiritual masters, peacemakers and is non-discriminating. Their adversaries may accept their advice due to these qualities. They have peaceful vibrations and hence excel in problem solving. These natives are capable of deep meditation, siddhis, clairvoyance etc. These natives will read other people’s mind clearly like a book. Day dreaming is their favourite pastime and they try to learn from the special dreams they see. Highly sociable, the women are attached to their mother and other women in the family and flirt with the members of opposite sex. Men born under this fate number should marry after 28 years of age.

FATE NUMBER 8 – No 8 has an unpredictable life, but they excel under the most unfavourable conditions. They have immense wisdom acquired from the difficulties they face. They achieve high positions at work. They have philosophical ideas due to their insecurities but love solitude. They are destined to make a mark on history either by their good karmas or by their bad karmas. The men with fate number 8 find no time for amusement and hence they work towards success on a grand scale. Enemies must be watchful of this number as the natives can get dangerous.

FATE NUMBER 9 – These natives are governed by their birth numbers and hence should look at their name number to choose a harmonious number. They develop spiritually and mentally through life experiences. Fate number 9 natives will have noble qualities and becomes successful in their chosen field. They feel the oneness with all living beings and can recognize truth. They are interested in ecology, music, chanting, fine arts and healing arts.

This completes our expert numerologists’ insights on talent number or fate number. Do come back and read our next blog which will be up soon.

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