Solar Ingress  Chart and Our expert numerologist’s interpretations

Apart from the month of birth, the solar month in which an individual is born is considered while analysing the behaviour and destiny of individuals. The Sun completes one cycle in 12 months with about a month in each Zodiac sign. The dates will differ in the Indian and Western concepts.

Ingress Indian Concept Lord Month No Western Concept
Aries 13thapr – 12may Mars 9 21st mar -20th apr
Taurus 13th may – 14th June Venus 6 21st Apr – 21st May
Gemini 15th June – 15thJuly Mercury 5 22may -21 june
Cancer 16th July – 16 aug Moon 2 22 june – 23 july
Leo 17th Aug – 16th Sep Sun 1 24th July – 23 aug
Virgo 17th Sep – 16 Oct Mercury 5 24th aug – 23 sep
Libra 17th Oct -13 Nov Venus 6 24th sep – 23 oct
Scorpio 14th nov – 14th dec Mars 9 24 oct -22 nov
Sagit 15 dec – 13 jan Jupiter 3 23 Nov – 22 Dec
Capr 14 jan – 13 feb Saturn 8 23 Dec – 20 Jan
Aqu 14 feb – 13 Mar Saturn 8 21 Jan – 19 Feb
Pisces 14 mar – 12 apr Jupiter 3 20 feb – 20 march


Let us start with the first sign in the Zodiac

Our top numerologists in Chennai identifies Aries ( 13 Apr – 12 May (Indian), 21 Mar -20 Apr (Western) with Mars and number 9 – symbolized by conflicts, struggle, leadership, adventures. Strong will power leads them to success after struggles. Red color, Tuesday and number 9 are auspicious for them. These natives travel a lot by air. They are good at sports and mountaineering. Coral and red gem stones are beneficial for them.

At Vedic Astrology Foundation, we identify Taureans (13 May-14 June Indian, 21  Apr-21 May ( Western) with Venus and number 6. White and Yellow color, Friday and Number 6 is auspicious for these people. Diamond and Emerald stones suit them. Goal oriented, foodies, hard working, peaceful long life and fond of luxuries – this describes a Taurus.

GEMINI (15  June -15   JulY (Indian), 22  May-21 June  (Western) – Mercury and Number 5 signifies Gemini- Extra ordinary wisdom, driving fast vehicles or travelling in them, intelligent and diplomatic these natives remain happy irrespective of their financial or family /social situation. They love music and are generally very cooperative by nature. Green, yellow, no 5 are auspicious for them.

CANCER – (15 July-16    Aug.  (Indian), 22 June  – 23 July   (Western) – Purple , Violet , Monday and number 2 are auspicious for these natives and their lucky stones are moonstone and pearl. Idealists, daydreamers, multiple skilled, religious and great worriers – all these describes a Cancer born native. They have ample support from assistants and family and have successful relationships.

We shall continue on this tomorrow……….do come back for a good reading from our top numerology consultant.