Numbers and their connection to Planets – Experts in numerology in Chennai

We are experts in numerology analysis in Chennai.

Let us explore the planets and their association with the numbers and the effects that these planets have on individuals associated with numbers 1-9.

Sun is the ruling planet of No 1. Persons with birth number/destiny number one has the qualities of Sun. The Sun is the lord of the east, and the life force on which all living beings depend. Planets associated with Sun loses their power. Moon, Jupiter and Mars are friends to Sun and Rahu and Ketu, its enemies. Mercury is neutral to Sun. Sun makes the native authoritative, strong, helpful and at the same time brutal with enemies. The natives influenced by Sun achieve top positions in their chosen fields of work.

Numerology recognizes Moon is the ruling planet of number 2. The moon is the Lord of herbs and medicinal plants and is thus known as Soma (nectar). And hence number 2 is like Moon – a life giver. They also love nature and travel. They are good advisors and will do well in supportive roles. Moon rules over the sign Cancer and is friendly & exalted in Taurus. Mars and Jupiter are friends of Moon. Moon rules the left side of the body and the right hemisphere of the brain.

Jupiter is associated with number 3 and persons influenced by Jupiter have a distinct harmonious vibration emitted by them. They have a good sense of humour and are ready to accept the follies of others. They yearn for control, power and authority and look for justice, peace, knowledge and power. Jupiter rules over signs Sagittarius and Pisces and gets exalted in Cancer. No 3 are pure in their intentions, playful, brilliant, bold, hardworking, energetic, knowledgeable, self -illuminating and believe in simple living.

Unconventional rules of number 4, given an opportunity, can bring enormous social upliftment positively affecting nations. They are great liberators and can be aggressive while executing their plans. Rahu is the ruling planet here and the natives will be good at painting writing and drawing. Natives of this number gives the world a unique perspective which will result in the growth of human consciousness. Number 4 people will work for the upliftment of the downtrodden and underprivileged. They are reliable, dependable, honest, trustworthy, methodical and precise. Some of the best numerologists recognise the worth of No 4 persons in social upliftment.

Number 5 makes friends easily. Speculators by nature they make money easily. They love to indulge in public speaking and oratory. Mercury is the ruling planet – evergreen and ready with quick wit. Sun, Venus Rahu and Ketu are friends of No 5 and is not favourable towards Moon. These natives do well in business and trade.

Venus is the planet that influences no 6 people and the planet’s influence can be visible in the refined attributes and beauty of the no 6 person. The natives will have a comfortable life and is fatherhood/motherhood number. Sympathetic, self-sacrificing, nurturing, no 6 is extremely magnetic and attract people towards them. They are peace lovers and hate jealousy and they live in sunshine and generate sunshine in the lives of others. They should never trust anyone completely. Venus is friendly with Mercury, Saturn. Sun and Moon are not friendly.

Our top numerologists in Chennai feel that the most spiritual of number is 7 and hence this is called hermit’s number. Gifted with intuition, clairvoyance and inherent magnetism, they create magnificence without striving to be so. They become excellent bosses and their excellent qualities create joy and goodwill. Governed by planet Ketu the natives will inclined towards spirituality and enlightenment. They would be good healers and may even create a religion of their own. Mercury, Venus, Rahu are friends of Ketu and Sun, Moon and Mars are enemies.

We now come to number 8, the most result-oriented number. It is a visionary’s number, a leader, business person, someone with big dreams and is powerful and ambitious. Number 8 is self-disciplined and has a profound sense of duty. Loyal to people they love, these natives may try to finish off people who annoy them. Saturn is the ruling planet of number 8 and Saturn brings wisdom, awareness of right and wrong, honesty, non-attachment, leadership skills and abilities. While Jupiter is neutral to Saturn others like Sun, Moon and Mars are not favourable.

The most humanitarian of all the numbers is number 9. The natives are philosophers, idealists but often lack tact and are rude. Highly intuitive and clairvoyant, the natives of this number will have many mysterious experiences. Travel is part of their destiny and their ruling planet is Mars. The natives have sportsman like spirit which makes them accept victory and defeat with equal benevolence. Sun, Moon and Jupiter are friends and Mercury is not.

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