Secrets and Significance of Birth Month ( Aug to Dec) – Numerologist in India

Dear readers, our leading numerology consultants in Chennai are enthusiastic about their research into human behaviour based on Numerology.

Lets us continue with the analysis of characteristics of individuals born in each month.

August – Originality, dignity, prestige and honour signifies the characteristics of these Sun influenced natives. You are generous and have a good understanding of human problems. Your style and grace influences people naturally.  Your eyes will be weak. August men are suspicious of their partners and will not tolerate disrespect, but they give the best to their family and love their family. Women born under this sign. Women born under this sign will sacrifice for others, but people rarely notice it.

September – The natives born during this month are dominated by planet Mercury and are agile both mentally and physically. Deeply interested in occult studies you like to master difficult aspects of strange areas of studies. This makes you an exponent in scientific studies, and less romantic. September men love their families and will desire neatness and cleanliness from his family members. Women born in this month are clever conversationalists and prefer their men to be possessive and passionate. Women born in the month also does not like to do work on their own, but gets it done by their commanding personality.

October – Natives of this month have a pleasant personality and are warm and healthy. Honest and truthful, you prefer to be happy and lead a luxurious life. October husbands provides well for the family and women born in this month love domestic life. They are extremely good looking and will have interesting social circle.

November –  Mars – You are a fighter and hence will not stop till you reach your goals! Good in intentions, you are not always tactful, and your behaviour can be misconstrued. Brave is the word that describes you. Men born in this month desire clever wives. Men are eccentric at times but lead a passionate and enthusiastic life. Women on the other hand can earn good income, assist their spouses in business and detach themselves from their children to allow them enough space to grow and develop on their own.

December – Self-reliant, confident, intellectual, broad minded, truthful, spirited and tolerant. That is a December born, influenced by Jupiter. The other side is that of arrogance, vindictiveness, criminal jealousy and tyranny and superstition. A December husband is ambitious at the same time thoughtful and considerate. Women are good companions and make good business associates.

Our leading numerologists feel that the month of birth also influences the good or bad characteristics of an individual. However, these guidelines will help understand individuals making way for better and harmonious existence.

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