Secrets and Significance of Birth Month ( Jan to July) – Numerologist in India

Our top numerologists at Vedic Astrology Foundation have seen how planets influence the numbers governing names. Now let us see how these planets influence people born under each birth month.


January –  Dominated by the Sun the natives are leaders and has qualities of being ambitious and energetic. Being analytical by nature and methodical at work, you do not like to be dominated by others. January born men are generous and kind, harmonious. Women born in this month are adaptable by nature and talented and intelligent. The Zodiac sign of January born natives are governed by Saturn.

February – With an attraction towards mysterious and unknown, you will find yourself thrown among hysterical and insane people. You are therefore bestowed with strong intuition and can read people instantly. You have a capacity to keep secrets and hence come out as a trustworthy person. You surprise others by your hidden abilities. Women born in this month are sympathetic and like to lead a luxurious life. Men lack stability in career and are emotional and dreamy. This month is dominated by Saturn.

March – Jupiter is the ruling planet and the natives are loyal and succeed in any position of responsibility. You may be surrounded by false friends maybe because you tend to search for the unknown and the esoteric. Strict by nature you make good artists and musicians. Women are devoted charming and sympathetic while men born in this month enjoy the company of women.

April – April is governed by Mars. Having gifted with intuition you can easily predict what will happen in future. Strong will, power and determination are your strengths, and you will fight obstacles to win.April husbands are romantic and look after their wife and children well. Women born in this month are efficient and generous but not sympathetic, a good conversationalist and witty.

May – Governed by Venus, May born natives will be artistic, generous and loves good food. You are faithful and loyal and attracted to beauty. Men born in this month look after their loved ones well and women natives are affectionate and easy-going types.

June – Mercury governs the month of June and the Zodiac sign is Gemini. The characteristic is hence dual, and the person tends to play a double role in life. Some of the natives have an uncertain behaviour but most times you are an enjoyable company. People born in this month cannot bear any mental strain or stress. A June husband has interest in house hold affairs and women born under this sign are practical and expects returns for their services. They are loyal towards their family.

July – Born under the planet Moon, these natives have a good memory are sensitive and impressionable. Organisations managed by them have good funds and are usually successful. Persuasive by nature, they are restless and timid and moody at times. July husbands are either very demanding or very submissive but devoted to their family. July born woman can be of help to the husband in business, due to her intuitive nature. They are good mothers and are loved and respected by others.

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