More on Numerology and the mysticism of Numbers

Vedic Astrology Foundation, Chennai is a leading numerologist providing numerology analysis and recommendations that provides you guidelines to understand personalities, strengths and talents, emotional reactions and inner needs and ways to deal with others.

Being the No. 1 numerologist in Chennai, we at Vedic Astrology Foundation, follow the Chaldean system of numerology, which has close ties to Vedic Astrology in India and the Kabbalah, having its origins in Mesopotamia.

The Chaldean system does not assign any alphabet to the number 9 keeping it sacred and unique. As per Chaldean system, the single digits reveal the outer nature of a person while the double digits reveal the inner nature and qualities.

Numerology as a tool for divination, has undying popularity and understanding the numbers the right way guides us – to choose a career best suited to each one of us in line with our talents, compatible partners and even control our own lives. The trick is to combine common sense into the interpretations. The date of birth and names of an individual is connected to the inner being which otherwise, only an intuitive mind can perceive.

The symbols of each number represent their natures. They represent qualities that we posses, like sensitivity, feminity, gentleness etc. The numbers represent nine stages of human development that we pass through to complete our growth and maturity.

The occult significance of numbers becomes evident in fortune telling and few have realised the importance the numbers play in such activity. For example, the significance of zero (shunya and bindu) and its linkage to the immense void in the universe is understood only by a few. Planets are linked to numbers and each planet in our Solar System, is assigned a number.  Those who dismiss the innate connection between numbers, the universe and the planets should think about how oceans swell and subside with the increase and decrease in the size of the moon. And this happens because the earth consists of two thirds water, and so does human body. Therefore, we do feel the influence of the moon in our behaviour and day to day life.

According to belief, numbers originated and was used by Hindus who acquired it from God. The Arabs used the numerical system more for trading thus bringing it the publicity and acceptance across cultures of the world. Pythogorus, the Greek philosopher is believed to have used numerology for spiritual purposes. During the Renaissance period numerology was taught in the universities and served as sciences.

At Vedic astrology foundation, Chennai we believe that numbers do carry the secrets to an individual’s personality and destiny. We encourage our clients to speak to us and clarify their queries and hence we have emerged as the leading numerologists in Chennai.